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Hey All! My name is Mike Turek.

I am a current New York State Paramedic, New York State Certified Instructor Coordinator and the founder of Medic Materials.

As a fourteen year veteran of EMS I had the pleasure of working for small Rural and large Urban EMS agencies alike. 

However I kept noticing the way EMS was taught to new providers. It flat out disappoints me in so many ways. This prompted me to go back to school for my EMS Instructor Certification. 

Hearing my students wanting a platform they could use to help study or even to refresh old skills was the origin story for Medic Materials.


To be honest EMS was not the first career path I chose. Out of high school and college I studied to become a professional photographer. I opened my own studio and worked with many large and small businesses providing photographs for their marketing campaigns.


My dad and pappy were both firemen in their youth and I felt the need to follow in their footsteps. In my spare time I became involved in my local Volunteer Fire Department and my chief came to me one day and said "You know we need medical people, think you would be interested?" This was the first time I ever thought, "Hey it would be cool to ride on an ambulance". A few weeks later I was enrolled in EMT class.


I graduated and began my career as a New York State Emergency Medical Technician in 2007. I soon was completely mesmerized and hooked by this career. Closing my photography studio and focusing on building a long lasting career in the Emergency Medical Services. Becoming an Advanced EMT in 2014 and then a Paramedic in 2017.


At home I am married to the love of my life Jessica. She too has a love for EMS and is a current practicing NYS EMT and works for the largest Air-Medical Transport Company in the United States as a Flight RN. I am also super-dad to my two amazing boys. 


I am a comic book and Star Wars nerd, History buff, Green Thumb Gardener and avid kayak fisherman!!